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I often come across $? $0 $1 $2 etc. in shell scripting, what I know is that $? returns the exit status of the last command echo "this will return 0" echo $? but what do the others do? what ar. The other answers are right that the most common use for them is to refer to the command-line arguments to the script: $1 = first argument, $2 = second, etc. Upon invocation, they correspond to the C/C argv contents: $1 = argv[1], $2 = argv[2]. 10. Variables - Part II There are a set of variables which are set for you already, and most of these cannot have values assigned to them. These can contain useful information, which can be used by the script to know about the environment in which it is running. The first. This latter usage is faster, does not contaminate the shell's variable namespace with what amounts to temp variables, can often be a lot more readable for humans and encourages the use of "positive logic", the practice of writing conditionals without negations, which has cognitive simplicity in most situations.

11/09/2003 · This script, which is obviously not mine, appears to do the same thing whether the 1&2 is there or not. Im curious what purpose it serves. !/bin/bashcmp_dir - program to compare two directoriesCheck for required arguments if [ $ -ne 2 ]; then echo usage: $0 directory_1 directory_2 1. 12/12/2019 · If a script receives two arguments, $ is equivalent to $1 $2. 5 $@ All the arguments are individually double quoted. If a script receives two arguments, $@ is equivalent to $1 $2. 6 $? The exit status of the last command executed. 7 $$ The process number of the current shell. For shell scripts, this is the process ID under which they are. Understanding Shell Script's idiom: 2>&1 10 Nov 2015. When we are working with a programming or scripting language we are constantly using some idioms, some things that are done in this certain way, the common solution to a problem.

2 The accepted answer is wrong and misleading. The correct answer is "there is no default meaning for the exit codes beyond 0 = success; you as script developer define the semantics". 3 If you made that script, why did you add the exit commands all of which are logically superfluous or could collapse to "exit 1" since you use if-else anyway. The [code]&[/code] here indicates that the following number refers to a file descriptor. The file descriptor 1 is usually known as “standard output”. So what this.

$./cmd 1 2 3 The total no of args are: 3 The $ is: 1 2 3 The $@ is: 1 2 3 As shown in the above output, both the $ and $@ behave the same. Both contain the command line arguments given. Let us now write a script which exactly shows the difference. The given example was just missing double quotes in $1 and $2 to work. Variables must be double quoted to be expanded when comparing strings. But, to check if $1 and $2 exist is the same as check if $2 exist, as it can't exist if $1 doesn't.

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